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PheNom LiF is nitrogen fixing biological bacteria blend that is applied in the seed furrow at planting. This product is compatible with infurrow applied nutrition, fungicide, insecticides and inoculants. It is easy and safe for you to use at a 1 pint per acre in furrow.

PheNom consists of two endophyte bacteria. These bacteria live inside the plant (endophyte) not in the soil. When seed applied the bacteria enter the seedling through microscopic openings in the coleoptile and radical. After entering the seedling, the bacteria move throughout the plant and live inside the stoma. The stoma is the openings where your plant breathes. When your plant breathes BOSS PheNom is pulling nitrogen out of the air (N2) and converting the N2 to NH4. The NH4 is feeding your crop. This greatly increases your nitrogen availability to your crop. The other bacteria lives in the roots and causes the root to process and metabolize phosphorus faster and more efficiently.

If you are wanting to increase the supply of nitrogen and increase phosphorus efficiency to your crop, try PheNom.

PheNom can be used on all crops.

DB PheNom LiF

A nitrogen fixing biological bacteria blend…


Greatest benefits to the plant from BOSS PheNom LiF

  • Can be used on all crops
  • Compatible with liquid starter fertilizers
  • Increased yields
  • Increased Nitrogen and Phosphorus availability

Application rate

  • Applied Liquid in Furrow
  • 1 pint per acre

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