FRENZY: Power Through Crop Stress

Frenzy is a unique enzyme produced by beneficial bacteria.  Dakota Bio has developed a way to remove the enzyme from the bacteria and concentrate it to increase the response and benefit to the plant and to increase tank mix compatibilities.

Frenzy affects plants at the mitochondrial level.  Frenzy causes an increase in the number and the output of healthy mitochondria.  Increasing mitochondria number and output gives the plant the ability to withstand and recover from stress and increase nutrient efficiency.  Mitochondria are in all plant cells, mitochondria consume nutrients and convert nutrients to energy.  Frenzy gives crops the best chance against heat, drought, pests, and disease.


Best when applied foliar with the first herbicide pass on your crop.  Frenzy needs to be in the plant before stress occurs.

Frenzy is compatible in tank mixes with herbicides, fungicides and starter fertilizers.

Frenzy works on all crops.



Frenzy on Corn +8.5 bpa

Frenzy on Soybean +2.2 bpa


Power Through Crop Stress.

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