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Soy7 is a concentrated sterile liquid inoculant for soybeans. Soybeans require five pounds of Nitrogen to produce one bushel of grain. If you want to raise your soybean yields your soybeans will need more Nitrogen. Soybean inoculants convert atmospheric Nitrogen to a useable form in the soil to be used by the soybean plant. Soy7 inoculant is the most effective and the most economical nitrogen supply for soybeans. Soy7 inoculant is specifically formulated for on farm applications.


Nitrogen for Soybeans


Greatest benefits to the plant from Soy7

  • Highly active nodule forming bacteria
  • Increased nitrogen supply for soybeans
  • Easy to apply
  • Compatible with seed treatments to 7 days on seed
  • Convenient packaging size of 2x240u
  • Made fresh, comes with a born on date

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